Calibration and service

Properly servicing and calibrating your equipment gives you confidence in the data you rely on—now and in the future.

Our software-controlled approach automates critical steps that drive consistency in each calibration. This ensures the same calibration result and performance, consistent with the factory calibration, regardless of where the calibration is performed—anywhere in the world. We offer a broad range of services designed to reduce costly downtime, including:

Onsite calibration
Onsite personnel
Service contracts
Fleet management

All calibrations are completed in strict accordance with ISO guidelines, and we provide an unequalled counting efficiency test for first-channel sensitivity. For pharmaceutical applications, particle counters must be calibrated to the exacting standard of ISO 21501-4:2007. This involves measurements to verify and set flow rate, counting efficiency, particle sizing, resolution, signal ratios and zero count. Each calibration is also completed using NIST-traceable standards, and a certificate of calibration is provided with each calibration.

Is your equipment out of tolerance? We’ll help you determine the real-word effects the condition of your equipment had on your processes, so you can avoid a costly investigation. Calibrations not only save you money in the long run, they also eliminate hassles, process struggles, added paperwork and timely setbacks.

Do you know when your equipment is due for calibration?

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