By continuously monitoring when and where products are at risk, we provide the application expertise and high-performance products you need to reduce yield loss.

Semiconductor manufacturing

As microelectronic devices continue to increase in performance and complexity, their manufacture becomes sensitive to ever-smaller contamination sources. We support your increasing contamination monitoring needs with industry-leading sensitivity and performance. We have the technology and applications expertise to help you solve your production monitoring challenges and guard against yield loss.

Data storage

Modern disk drives combine leading-edge semiconductor processes for head and media production with precision clean assembly and automation for final integration and test. Each stage of disk drive production has unique contamination-related yield challenges, and we provide flexible solutions to meet your specific needs from start to finish.


Flat panel display technology continues to evolve both in panel size and resolution. When it comes to displays, advancements occur often. Contamination during manufacturing can lead to pixel damage in displays, and that can prevent optimal products from reaching your markets. The large size of current generation displays means even a single one micron particle can scrap more than one square meter of product. By monitoring at the point of process, we provide you with timely contamination data to help reduce costly scrap events.

Gas and chemical manufacturing

Gases and chemicals can be challenging to monitor safely. Reactivity between different types of gases or chemicals requires specialized equipment that include safeguards to protect personnel and the environment from reactions. For over 30 years, Particle Measuring Systems has designed equipment that safely monitors contamination for corrosive chemicals and high-pressure gases (both inert and reactive).

Third-party providers and integrators

By providing solutions at a molecular and particle contamination level, we can help you better support your customers’ needs. And help you find the right product for your customers based on the device application.

Cleanroom certifiers

Electronic devices are manufactured in different cleanrooms where contamination levels vary; you need the right equipment to certify your environment quickly and effectively. We have the right tools, so you can certify rooms and mini-environments for your customers continually, or periodically, based on their needs.