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DataAnalyst Software helps you understand the data coming from your particle counter for an easy and low-cost way to manage data, inlcuding maintaining maintaining electronic records. DataAnalyst Software knows what to look for and does the calculations for you. It’s easy to download, archive and report data that is fully compliant with all secure data transfer requirements. The comprehensive reporting structure works with specific inputs from the particle counter and filters sampling data based upon location, date/time, or product batch information. Reports can be generated to meet industry requirements and configured to include raw data, tabular data, statistical and graphical formats. The reporting tool can also be configured to give various report formats, including certification to ISO14644, FDA/EUGMP, or FS209 standards. DataAnalyst Software supports a multitude of installation configurations, from a single base station to integrated networks of multiple Lasair II or III particle counters connected to a LAN for distribution and reporting.


Create cleanroom certification reports to meet ISO14644, FDA EU GMP and FS209E standards
Long-term data archiving for Lasair III particle counters
Centralized SQL Server® database for access to all Lasair II and III Particle Counter data and reports across a site wide LAN
Single click download from a configured instrument
Export encrypted data via the Lasair III Particle Counter USB port
Secure Ethernet download from remote instruments
Security configuration quickly adds new users and customizable groups

Features & applications


Compatible with Lasair III Particle Counters
Generates cleanroom certification reports
Intuitive tabular design with pictures that are easy to understand
Full audit trail
Simple instrument configuration


Downloading data from Lasair III particle counters
Cleanroom compliance monitoring and reporting
Cleanroom certification reporting with Lasair III particle counters
Process tool monitoring and reporting

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