ENODE® Distributed I/O Controller

The ENODE® Distributed I/O Controller is an input/output (I/O) device for electrical signals that can be integrated directly into FacilityNet, FacilityNet Pro Smart or FacilityNet Pharma Software. As an open architecture, modular ethernet device, it monitors modules of isolated digital and analog inputs, and monitors alarm output contacts (digital or relay). The ENODE Controller knows how to incorporate data from different kinds of devices into one place, so you can take action or not. It has its own data buffer and sensors that work to gather data when the software is ready. You don’t need to lose data during downtime; the ENODE Controller fits your unique needs and application requirements.


Modular design allows for up to 48 signal inputs and 24 relay outputs per monitoring device, reducing cost per point
Sample interval is configured per channel, reducing the number of modules required for different applications
Plug and play modules allow for ease of system expansion
Auto recognition through FacilityNet Software speeds up system configuration
Distributed architecture allows for modules to be installed anywhere throughout the facility
High accuracy, 12-bit analog converter gives 0.25% full scale overall accuracy 10,000 sample data buffer stores data when offline from Facility Net software; data is exported on reconnection
Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol(TCP/IP) ethernet communication ensures reliability of data transmission
One-second sample interval for fast data- logging

Features & applications


Modular (I/O) components allow for flexible system designs
Ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseT connectivity to local networks
Data buffer stores samples when connection to software is lost
4-20mA and 0-10V analog input types configured per channel
16 analog channels per module
16 digital input channels per module
12 relay output contacts
12 digital outputs
DIN rail mounting and removable screw terminals


Environmental monitoring and control
Differential pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity and other sensor signals
Alarm lamp or traffic light control
Flashing modes
Process monitoring and control
Doors and switches monitored at each stage of process
Networked data-logging
Remote data acquisition

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