Nano-ID® NPC10 NanoParticle Counter

The Nano-ID® NPC10 NanoParticle Counter is the first condensation particle counter specifically developed for ultra-clean manufacturing environments. It provides meaningful data fast by introducing fluid to capture even the smallest particles. This instrument combines 10nm sensitivity with a high sample flow rate and the lowest zero count specification on the market. The Nano-ID NPC10 Particle Counter provides single-particle-detection for the cleanest manufacturing and testing applications, and uses the shortest time intervals in the industry to obtain statistically valid measurements. Designed for plug-and-play operation, the unit is ready to sample aerosol particles in minutes. Set up is simply applying power and connecting the input and output sample lines. All of the user-selectable variables are configured through the touchscreen display. The color display provides graphical trending of particle contamination. Data is automatically saved to the onboard memory and can be exported via Ethernet connection or USB port. The proprietary non-hazardous working fluid is superior to isopropyl alcohol(outgasses), n-butyl alcohol and water-based condensation particle counters. The fluid provides long use between refills, no odors, and a sample reservoir that captures and recycles most of the working fluid.


Working fluid reservoir only needs fluid replenished at about 2,000 hours of use
Does not use n-butyl or isopropyl alcohol, not dangerous, not used continuously
No special handling and storage requirements as are associated with alcohol-base fluids
Internal memory can store one year of data
No house vacuum needed
Pump provides regulated sample flow
Recirculates working fluid, so you can go up to a year without refills

Features & applications


10 nm sensitivity
2.83 LPM sample flow rate
Up to 2,000 hours continuous run time
Large color IR touchscreen display
Data export via Ethernet interface and USB
Sample high-pressure gases using an optional high-pressure diffuser
Suitable for use in ISO Class 1 through Class 3 environments
Lowest zero-count specification in the industry
Low false-count rate
In an enclosure so it won't dirty your environment


Point-of-use monitoring troubleshooting
2.8 LPM flow rate does not disrupt air flow and 10 nm sensitivity provides essential data for hard disk manufacturing
Manufacturing quality control of ultra-fine nanoparticles size distribution during synthesis
Detection of airborne ultra-fine and nanoparticles in workplaces and other sensitive environments

Available accessories

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DataAnalyst Software

DataAnalyst allows for downloading, archiving, and reporting for full compliance with all secure data transfer requirements.Reports can be generated to meet industry requirements and configured to include raw data, tabular data, and statistical and graphical formats.

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