SamplerSight Software

SamplerSight Software is a user-friendly software program for operating batch-based liquid particle measurement systems. It provides a comprehensive view of the batch information with histogram, time plot and tabular data presented in an easy-to-use format that can be readily reported, saving you time and money.


Dedicated application for batch monitoring reduces integration time and speeds up reporting
Multi-platform compatibility allows migration to new computer systems, improving reliability
Simple-to-use icons make software operation trouble-free
Reporting tools are predefined to speed up batch reports; user configurable formats allow modifications to fit site demands
Database filtering functions based on batch/lot/location give fast response to database queries and sample reporting Real-time data displays allow for a rapid response to particle problems
Multiple user-defined sample configurations reduce set up time between batches of different types
A single application supports a variety of products and reduces training time for operators

Features & applications


Multiple data displays: histogram, time plot, and tabular
Sample-specific setup configuration and storage
Sample-specific recipes for easy operator control
User-configurable identification labels (3) simplify retrieving archived data
Batch and filters for data retrieval and reporting
Comprehensive reporting function
Auto-print for each sample
Manual control diagnostics screen
CSV file export
Database directory location configuration
Alarm specification and generation functionality


Collecting, storing and viewing data for:
Corrosive chemical monitoring
Liquid production batch monitoring
Tool monitoring for bath contamination

More information

  • Why do I get the message “Channel Sizes Refused?”
  • This error occurs when the wrong Sensor Type is selected for your instrument when using SamplerSight Software. Using the Configure -> Instrument menu item, press the Configure button and ensure the Sensor Type matches your instrument.

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